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The We2Share Project

Building On Our Commonalities Among Our Differences

About Us

Why we started

The We2Share Project was started as an effort to change the way we interact with one another on a human level.  The is an effort to learn about the experiences we share as individuals, instead of focusing on the differences we perceive through judgement.

We can see very quickly the areas that we are different from one another: race, gender, age, etc.  However, if we immediately judge someone based on these superficial characteristics, we may miss out on getting to know others that can enrich our life experience and be life long friends.

This project is solely for the purpose of highlighting how people can find things in common regardless of their many differences if we take the time to talk to one another.

It seems that people only come together in times of crisis or tragedy.  The We2Share Project is an effort to bring people together through positive action - not tragedy. 

Our Ultimate Message

We can only start to work together once we can listen to each other.  We can only listen once we can understand each other.  And, we can only understand once we can relate to each other.